Content Marketing

Throughout my career, I’ve worked as a Marketing Specialist and Copywriter to increase brand awareness and create sales opportunities through blogs, website content, social media, and emails.


Kensium implements Acumatica ERP for multiple businesses to help streamline operations and create more visibility for their workflows. However, Kensium wasn’t acquiring leads and customers. I was hired as a marketing copywriter to assist with generating interest for businesses that need an all-in-one solution.

Case Studies

As part of its digital strategy, I regularly posted case studies to display Kensium’s custom work and notable implementations. Two that I am particularly proud of are American Meadows and BuySod. Each case study gave me the opportunity to dig in and learn about the businesses Kensium works with and about Kensium’s implementation process/

Trade Show Social Media

Kensium attends multiple trade shows every year to network and meet its partners and customers. For ASD Market Week, I collaborated with the graphic designer to create the theme of “Connecting the dots” and created social media posts throughout the event. I tagged businesses and the main tradeshow within the posts to gain additional visibility.

Social media post for Kensium announcing attendance at ASD Marketweek

Landing Pages

In addition to social media posts about Kensium’s trade show attendance, each show had its own landing page to encourage potential partners and customers to visit the Kensium Booth. I collaborated with our Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer to create engaging visuals and landing page content.

Website Copy

While at Kensium, we changed website platforms from Drupal to HubSpot. During this transition, Kensium decided that the content needed an overhaul. To accomplish this large task in a short period (four weeks from inception to go-live), I worked with multiple teams to understand Kensium’s products and services. In addition, I worked with the marketing web developer to create the site design, determine which elements to use, and determine how the page should be formatted.

Kensium has developed partnerships with various third-party commerce businesses. Each partner needed to have its own webpage to provide information on optional add-ons. I collaborated with product managers and the sales team to create short descriptions of the service.

In addition to ERP implementations, Kensium also provides eCommerce web development to provide an end-to-end commerce solution for online retailers. I collaborated with the sales team and web developers to gain insight into how it helps businesses grow.

This is the main Acumatica ERP implementation page. It introduces Acumatica and explains how Kensium helps with implementation. I collaborated with developers and product managers to create this page and provide visitors with the information they’re looking for.

Content Ninjas

During the height of the pandemic, I began freelancing for Content Ninjas. Content Ninjas hired freelancers to create marketing content for various clients. I had the opportunity to work with many different tones depending on the topic and industry. I started as a junior writer and was promoted to senior writer within six months of starting with Coontent Ninjas. As a senior writer, I was not only responsible for blog posts but also for creating landing pages, email content, and social media posts. Unfortunately, I cannot share direct articles because I was a ghostwriter; below are two images that represent the work I completed for Content Ninjas.


Below are two edited and redacted images of blog posts I wrote while I was at Content Ninjas. If you’d like the full article or samples, I am happy to email them to you.

This article tackled change management in the Manufacturing Industry. The tone was to be professional but friendly. This company wanted to stand out as an expert in the Manufacturing Industry and convey how they can help manufacturers become more efficient and effective with daily tasks.

The above article discussed how the Manufacturing Industry is leveraging Minecraft to test out new materials and configurations for everyday items. This company was looking for viewers to enjoy a good article and sign up for its newsletter.

Social Media Content

As a senior writer at Content Ninjas, I needed to provide our clients with multiple social media posts to help them generate engagement and increase leads. Below are samples of my posts without the company name.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a web host headquartered in Lansing, MI. During my time there, I created technical documentation for customers through a Help Center blog in Salesforce Service Cloud and technical marketing documents for Liquid Web’s Knowledge Base. In addition to creating both technical and marketing content, I also provided editorial assistance for our new client team to help decrease the number of emails sent to new customers. When Liquid Web transferred its ticketing and customer help center from ZenDesk to Salesforce Service Cloud, I helped by updating all help center content and provided how-to guides for its support team to learn how to create and manage support tickets. Please note: Many articles have been updated, but the bulk of the content, subject matter, and formatting have not changed since I originally wrote the article.

How-To Guides

The main part of my job was creating how-to guides and technical content to help decrease the number of support tickets from customers. I created these articles primarily through user testing to understand the purpose of the guide and make it easy to read and follow the steps.

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DIY Articles

Because Liquid Web is a web host that provides root access, easy-to-follow articles, including sample code snippets, were integral to decreasing support ticket submissions. For these articles, I collaborated with support techs and team leads to create accurate documentation that covers a common problem that customers face.

Blog Articles

Liquid Web’s blog is separate from its public-facing knowledge base. The blog provides more informational content, thought leadership, and company news. In addition to writing articles myself, I was also responsible for working with support techs who could provide more in-depth information. All told I managed 15 support techs for blog post assignments based on their expertise. Together, we were able to boost the blog and consistently post articles on a regular basis.