Brand Development & Management

I have experience in creating brand guidelines and content to create dynamic and effective brands that express authenticity and credibility and increase online visibility.

Brand Guidelines

I created the branding for the following businesses. While some of the businesses are not yet launched, developing the brand is crucial to creating a complete brand.

  • Logo and usage
  • Fonts
  • Color Scheme
  • Tone and Voice for communication

Three Birds Digital

Three Birds Digital is a digital marketing agency that focuses on end-to-end marketing solutions for small- to mid-size businesses. During my Master’s program at Wake Forest, I created an an Ideal Customer persona and a complete Style guide.

Brand Guidelines

Three Birds Digital needed a complete Brand Guideline document to ensure consistent logo design and placement, the proper tone and voice for communication, and a brand description.

Ideal Customer Personas

Before creating content, ads, or other customer outreach, an organization must clearly know the customer it is targeting. I created this persona for my classes in my Master’s program as a potential persona Three Birds Digital might market to.

Destination Doggo

Destination Doggo has not yet been launched, as it is in the concept and development stage. Once funding is secured, Destination Doggo is a non-profit dog training business catering to individuals looking for a deeper connection with their dog. Destination Doggo plans to provide the following services:

  • Obedience – beginner to advanced off-leash
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Service Dog Training for Veterans
  • Shelter Rehabilitation and Fostering

Logo Design

Destination Doggo asked for a logo to represent both sides of its target services. They wanted something bright and attention-grabbing. I created this logo using the founder’s favorite colors, which also meshed well with her desired outdoor theme. Future projects for Destination Doggo are:

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Development
  • Social Media pages

Using David Miller’s StoryBrand concepts, I created a home page that provides guidelines to highlight how working with Destination Doggo benefits website visitors and leads them down a path to contact and eventually sign up for training, attend an event, or volunteer.